telling queer female stories with a passion.

As a "baby playwright" in the MCC Youth Company in high school

The You Have To Promise team on Zoom for Pride Plays 2020

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“who you kiss in secret on my front porch
that doesn't change that i love you
and that it is my responsibility
and it is also my great privilege
to love you.”

- You Have To Promise

selected plays


full-length, 4W

Seventeen-year-olds Maeve and Nessa have been best friends their entire lives. Three months ago, they discovered what they had was more than a friendship. When they decide to come out to their families together, Nessa's father kicks her out and the girls scramble to come up with a solution, all the while lying to Maeve's stepmother and trying to dream their way to being grown-up.
  • Pride Plays (2020)
  • Finalist, American Stage's 21st Century Voices New Play Festival (2020)


full-length, 5W

College sophomore Alex tries to sort through the reemergence of an old trauma as she spends time with middle school friends, revisits former stomping grounds, and with help from her therapist, finds the words for what happened to her in seventh grade.
  • Upcoming: Virtual Production at MD Virtual Ensemble (2021)


full-length, 3W

Anna is Mallaigh's lifeline--her big sister, her best friend, the one person she trusts more than anyone else, the only one who can calm her down and understand her. But as Anna grows up, she starts to pull away from Mallaigh in favor of other relationships. Liz, a teacher at Anna and Mallaigh's high school, becomes the fulcrum in a delicate balancing act of secrets.


full-length, 3W 2M 1W or NB

Rye (short for Riley) is a precocious sort-of high school graduate, trying to find meaning and purpose in the summer internship she's been forced to do for her cousin Tessa to make up the credit for her failed Econ class. But what meaning and purpose is there really to an office with rats running around and the other intern who won't let her so much as sit down at the computer? Her moms "Dr. Kate" and "Rabbi Rachel" want her to stick it out, but Rye's not sure that even a goal as important as graduating high school can get her through this summer.
  • Semi-Finalist, Play-Makers Spokane's Women Are Funny Prize (2020)


full-length, 8W 2M

No one will tell Avery why only some moms put sugar on strawberries--or what the feelings she has about her new friend Janie really mean. As Avery and Janie's teacher Sophie begins her own journey to motherhood with her wife, Carina, she becomes the person to whom Avery can direct her most difficult questions--but at what cost?


ten-minute, 2W

Sierra's teacher tries to find out why she "BS'ed" a writing assignment on the story of her name, and what might be going on at home.


ten-minute, 2W

Sasha and Noelle, about to adopt their first child, deal with their hopes and anxieties far from home.


ten-minute, 2W

Sisters Jaden and Miranda discover their relationship is strained when they return Jaden's books to the campus bookstore ahead of Jaden's college graduation and Miranda's soon-to-follow middle school graduation.


monologue, 1W

What if everything we knew about Moses and Miriam crossing the Red Sea was wrong? A lesbian take on a story we all think we know from the Old Testament.
  • Written for The 24 Hour Plays Viral Monologues - Round Fourteen: Pride Plays.